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Officially tweeted…at last

The simple dictionary definition:

“Twitter” is a “microblogging/social networking platform that places a 140- character limit on each individual post/tweet.” However, this  would fail to encapsulate the power of this new omnipresent medium. Twitter can be viewed at as a marketing tool, feedreader, tracking device, communication tool & news breakerall rolled into one. Or, Twitter can be seen as a collective life stream of a community of which you are a member.  wow! feeling so exclusive and special.

Twitter is hard to describe specifically because it is a social utility with more possible uses than a Swiss Army knife. Here are 101 examples of how Twitter members regularly use the service.

Well, I won’t go there, but, believe me,there were 101 postings.  My favorite new word is ‘rickrolling”.

Tweet on.


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  1. Your website mzkes it easy for me to understand the 23 Things. Thanks for all your copies and pastes.

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