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Podcasting is…

In short, Podcasting is producing a series of episodes and publishing it on the internet, ready to download. (The term podcast is derived from Apple’s iPod mp3-player, and the term broadcast.) Podcasting is a bit like producing radio shows aimed at listeners through a personal computer or mp3-player. The Podcast-episodes (“radioshows”) are automatically downloaded onto your mp3-player through a subscription.

Podcasting is the ultimate form of audio-on-demand: you can listen to your favorite show whenever, wherever and as much as you want!

Listened to a cut from Collusion an album by a Dallas based

group called 1000 Miles From Home

Vidcasting (VODcasting)

Vidcasting (vidcasting) is the audiovisual version of Podcasting. Vidcasting can best be compared to producing a television show, instead of a radio show. Because of its visual nature, Vidcasting requires a portable player that is capable of playing video file formats (such as Apple’s Video iPod). Most PC’s can already receive both sound and video files.
So what’s in it for you? Well, a LOT! For both Podcast Listeners and Pod- or Vidcasters.

What’s a podcast?

A podcast is a free video or audio series — like a TV or radio show — that you download from iTunes and play on your computer, iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV. Visit the iTunes Store to search for podcasts that pique your interest. Once you find one, give it a quick listen, then click a single button to subscribe.

Download thousands for free.

Thousands of podcasts in dozens of categories make for a smorgasbord of entertainment. And it’s all free. Simply find the podcasts you want, click Subscribe, and voilà! You get the most recent episode — and all future episodes — delivered directly to your iTunes library. Or download past episodes by clicking the Get Episode button.

Sounds like a plan, but the system administrator won’t allow me to download itunes store info, so I cannnot see what sort of free podcasts are available.  But I do get the concept.

Just searching for a list of the Harlem Globetrotters. One of the possibilities was Stars & Stripes…and it offered the opportunity to follow via podcast.  Voila!!  It’s become part of  library reference.